To Everyone,

Thank you for all your help over this past year . whether it was at Stacy's Ball Park, The auction that made it able to install the lights. The Lion's Club dinner, money donated or just a prayer to help us through this rough time. We will never ever forget what you have done for us. It has helped so much knowing there are so many people that will help in our time of need to make a lasting memorial to Stacy. She has to be so proud.

Thank You and God Bless you all; Stacy's Family

A letter of Thanks from Stacy's Family
Mike, Wanda, Tim, Michelle, Danielle and Mike Jr.


How do we start to thank the hundreds of family, friends, students and the people we don't even know that helped us through this time of loss?  The response from the communities was overwhelming.  But we have to start somewhere...

To all the people first on the scene for your quick actions in calling emergency personnel and helping to care for Stacy, Michelle and Missy.

To the Carver County Sheriff's Department and the Watertown Fire Department and Rescue for taking care of both our daughters and Missy at the site of this tragedy.

To the staff at Waconia Ridgeview Hospital, especially Dr. Brakema for her tenderness when confirming our worst fears and to Rev. Jeff for consoling us in those first lonely moments.

To Father Jim Livingston for his comfort, prayers, and tender care in administering Stacy's last sacrament, helping us cope with our loss, and officiating at Stacy's visitation, funeral mass, and burial.

A very special thank you to Tim Iten for bringing Stacy to us that night so we could hold her and talk to her so she wouldn't be so alone.  For all the things you did, Tim, and Iten Funeral Home, to make the visitation, funeral, and burial the most beautiful memories we could have at this time of grief.

To Linda Yantes, David Benson, Paula Pysick, Amy Strandquist, and the 9-12 Grade Choir who provided music that was fit for a princess.  Thank you, Mr. Benson, for singing "Just a Closer Walk with Thee," which was a song that was special to Stacy; and Linda, we will forever remember you singing Michelle and Stacy's song "The Rose".

To the Watertown-Mayer High School Staff for providing a beautiful setting for Stacy's family and friends for her final celebration. 

To all of Stacy's friends, we have so many great memories to look at and read that it makes us forget our grief for a little while as we laugh at all the stories you have shared with us.  Everyone shared their sympathy with us.  I know you all, as her friends and classmates, are grieving just as much and feel so alone.  So keep talking, laughing, and crying about all the great memories and Stacy will forever be with us.

To all the people who helps at the dinner; it was just great!  Thank you for donating all your time and effort to make the meal go smoothly.

To the countless people that made donations.  The food and supplies helped immensely, the flowers brightened our home, and the money donated will help start the Stacy Ann Vanderlinde Scholarship Fund.

And to you, that special someone, we would have like to list you now but this page isn't big enough for all the people we need to thank.  So we will get that special "Thank You" to you in time.

To our friends, and to the people we didn't even know, we thank you for coming to us and sharing those words of comfort.  You cannot imagine how much your shared love and grief meant to us in our time of need.

Finally to our family.  What can we say and how do we say it?  You were at the hospital fifteen minutes after we got there and have never left our side.  You can never imagine how much it has helped having you near us during this time of great sorrow.  But it was not just for us, but for you too.  We know you all love Stacy so much that this loss will be a rough road for all of you.  We know you will always be there for us, so together we will try to get through this tough time.

We love you all and God Bless.

Music on this page: "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart