Stacy's Garden

Even Though I Didn't Know You
by Cara Sandquist

Even though I didnít know you
the days that you were here,
Iíve seen the tears and heard the sobs
of this past year.

Everyone seems to miss
the things you used to do;
who you were and what you did.
They havenít forgotten through and through.

We never met or talked,
we never said ďHi.Ē
We never knew each other,
we never said good-bye.

But all that doesnít matter
because your in a place with no pain.
That thought alone is a comfort
for those you canít wait to see you again.

As I look back at all that has gone on,
their memories, their pain anew,
I imagine the times you cherished with them
Even though I didnít know you.


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