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 I say love, it is a flower
And you it's only seed

From Dad (Mike) February 2003

From Dad (Mike) January 2001

From Dad (Mike)

From Mom (Wanda)

From Michelle

From Timmy

From Danielle

Another Letter From Timmy
July 2000

From Danielle and Mike Jr.

From Family February 2002
From Connie Woytcke (Aunt Connie)
From Connie Woytcke Feb. 2001
From Marcy Vanderlinde (Aunt Marcy)

From Marcy, July 27, 2000

From Marcy, February 2001

From Diane Vanderlinde (Aunt Diane)
From Joyce Bruner (Aunt Joyce)
Mark, Alisha and Brett Vegoe
From Brett Vegoe
From Sister Jeanne Marie
From Sister Jeanne Marie, (2002)

From Gen DeTrude (Cousin Gen)

More from Gen DeTrude (Cousin Gen)

From Tony and Sharon Vanderlinde

From Linda Yantes

From Aunt Peggy

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