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Pictures taken July 13, 2000 before the start of construction.  The first picture is the site of Stacy's Field.  The second will be the sites of fields 2 and 3.  The third picture is an existing building which will be removed to make room for a concession stand and picnic area.   

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These pictures were taken July 29, 2000 ,removing the existing building to make room for the new concession stand. Taking down the fences and lights. My father Jerome Vanderlinde disking the old ball fields,  and then it's time for lunch. Thank You.

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These pictures were taken on Aug.5th. Picture one and two are building the foundation for the new concession area and shelter. Picture three through six are the building of Stacy' Field. The last  picture is Steve Burns and Sons. Thank You for all your help.

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These Pictures were taken on Aug12th. The first picture needs no explanation. The next four are the finishing of Stacy's Field. Picture No.5,  Widmer Inc. Thank You for all your help.

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 These pictures were taken on Aug 18th and 19th .We poured the foundation then we are building the new concession stand and shelter. And we also started with the fence. The last picture is of a special gift from Stacy's friends. We miss you so much Stacy.

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These  pictures were taken on Aug 26th. We are working on the fences and finishing the concession stand and shelter area. A Special  Thank You to Rottlund Homes, Hart Foundation, Lyman Lumber, Superior Truss, Alside Siding Supply, Owens Corning Roofing, and Automatic Garage Door for their generous donations to our Building. To Steve Burns Excavating and Widmer Inc. for the great job on building the ball fields, and to all the people who donated their time to help with the construction. Because of all of you we will be able to install lights on  Stacy's Field.

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These pictures were taken on Sept. 9th. The first five pictures show the main backstop on Stacy's Field being put up.  The last picture shows some landscaping around the shelter.

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These pictures were taken on Oct.11th,2000. We are installing the lights on Stacy's Field.
Happy 16th Birthday Stacy, we all love you and miss you so much.

Some of the finishing touches to Stacy's Field.

The dedication of Stacy's Field and the first game.

These pictures were from the First Annual Stacy Vanderlinde Softball Tournament.


 A Heartfelt Thank You from Stacy's Family, Relatives and Friends

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