Stacy's Garden

The Friend's Plantings

 I say love, it is a flower
And you it's only seed

From Brandon Jacobs
From Missy
From Katie
 From The Weinauers
 From Tyler Trende
 From Michelle Babatz
From Molly Niesen
From Jackie Janning
Megan and Monica
Christie Bluhm
Jenna Schmidt
From Sam Quaas
From Megan  July 2000
From Rachel Ketcher
Gretchen Anderson
Gretchen Anderson
Gretchen Anderson
Merria Reitz
From Sam Vanderlinde 
From Jesse Vanderlinde
From Jenny Erickson
From Amber Sumpter
From Matt Biskey
From Brooke Salonek
From Rachaell Axtman
From Melissa Burns
From Tricia Allen
From Tricia Allen 2  
From Kristy Dressen
From Gerald Baker
From Molly Niesen 2
From Gina Emon 

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