Stacy's Garden

Godís Flower Garden



Sometimes we canít quite understand

Our Great Creatorís way,

When he takes a life so young And leaves

One withered, old & gray.

Whose life work seems finished,

Perhaps is waiting for the call,

While that life so young and tender

Held so much here for us all.

Then sometimes I get to thinking

Perhaps this world down here below,

Is just a flower garden,

Where Godís flowers live and grow.

And perhaps when God is lonely

Like us, He loves to roam,

In His garden, gathering flowers

Just to beautify His home.

Thoí He takes the full-bloom flowers

Drooped and withered that need His care,

Still He needs a bud or blossom

To scatter with them, here and there.

So He takes a few choice blossoms

Just the rarest He can find,

And because God needs them up in


Must comfort loved ones left behind.



In Loving Memory of Stacy Ann Vanderlinde

Fondly Remembered, Sadly Missed, Forever Loved






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