Stacy's Garden

From Brandon Jacobs

By accident, fate, whatever, I stumbled across your memorial site, I don't
know what to say...I find it difficult, that since my Grandfather's death a
decade and some ago, I had never been able to mourn for the deaths of
anyone, my family, friends, etc.  But this site, is ... so very different
from my family and life, it makes me so sad, to know that someone my age had
died, and missed all that I've continued to see.  I guess...mainly, what I
find sad is your website is 5 years old, and I fear that it is no longer
kept.  No longer visited by family or friends, only by those who stumble
across it in the wasteland of the internet.

It would be a shame if such a powerful memorial were to go to waste like a
hundred year old grave long forgotten by anyone who might be related to the
one at rest.

On top of all that, I really can not imagine what to say, it's a shame she's
gone, and I never even knew her, but it's a shame none-the-less.

Brandon Jacobs


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