Stacy's Garden

From Brooke Salonek

It has been a year now sense Stacy has left us.  There isn't a moment that goes by that I dont think about what she is missing out on. I wasnt really best friends with Stacy at then. But I know she knew who I was.  I only had a couple of memories of her, and they are the ones that people dont like to think about most of the time.  When I was in 7th grade and Stacy was in 8th, Stacy and I both had a major crush's on Ryan Sandquist.  I would talk to her and Missy online every once in awhile and I dont know why but we got into big fights over who Ryan actually liked.  The fights are those kind, that you wouldnt talk that person and call them names.  I think of that all the time and how stupid it was of me to get into a little agrument like that.  I wish I could have said sorry and forgave her for those little times I would talk to her before she left.   Atleast I had a chance to know who Stacy was and how her smile lightened everyones day.  Stacy please forgive me! Here is one of my favorite quotes that fit this purpose: "Dream as though you will live forever;live as if you'll die today." - James Dean. I remember seeing her when she first dyed her hair blonde at a Summerfest meeting in the catholic church basement. Everyone was crowded around her and obviously she didnt like what she had done. She would keep trying to cover her heard with her hands.  I guess she eventually grew into it.  I wish I could have experienced more moments with her.  Stacy, please watch over us until we can see you again!


Love Always, Brooke Salonek



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