Stacy's Garden

From Christie Bluhm

Hi I am Christie Bluhm. Stacy was one of my best friends and I will never forget all the times she made me laugh and made my bad days some of the best I ever had. I remember one time when she was at my house and we were going over to Dustin's house but we really wanted to make mac and cheese. We told everyone at Dustin's that we were gonna be there in like 5 minutes but we had to walk. So Stacy took the macroni and cheese and brought it over to his house. While we were all having fun in the other room she was in Dustins kitchen cooking the macroni and cheese. The next thing we knew she was bringing our lunch out into the living room on plates for us. It was so funny. I will never forget how hard we laughed all the time. Everyone used to tease us because we laughed at absolutely nothing. I also will never forget the time at lunch when she was trying to sing the song by Element 65 called "Blue". She had no idea what she was singing and everytime I hear that song I remember how hard me and Katie Walker laughed. I remember when Stacy came to my house before a party and she walked in my door and my dog was barking at her so she got scared and ran up the stairs. I told her not to run from him but she was so scared that she did and her bit a hole in her pants. I said I was sorry and that I would pay for them and she just said that she would sew them. I thought she was just saying that so wouldn't feel bad but like a week later she came to school and they were really sewed together. Stacy I love you and I will never forget all our wonderful times together. We always said that we wanted to be friends for life and we were and still will be forever. I wish you didn't have to leave so soon but say hi to Jesus for me. 

I luv you always and forever,


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