Stacy's Garden

From Gina Emon


I still remember the first day i met you, you came over to get a hair cut and i came down stairs because I always did when my mom cut hair.  I remember you sitting in the chair and you looked so shy and i smiled at you and then you flashed me that smile of yours! I will never forget that smile!  I didn't know you that well but I knew you long enough to love you.  You were my Booster Basketball couch i think in 6th grade.  We never practiced! We were always joking around and having water fights.  Then there was the time at Sam's birthday party, you were chewing on Anna's leg rubber band thing all night it was so gross!  Then you went outside and threw snowballs at the boys windows and then sam got introuble.  I will never forget what you said to sam and how you sounded when you said it.  I dont know why but i have never forgotten that.  Then there was the time you dyed your hair! when i first saw uit you were standing on the steps of the school and i looked at you and it looked like you wanted to cry! I thought it looked good it was just your type of style.  Your mom called my mom and asked what to do about it and she was freaking out or something but i guess you just decided to grow it out.  Stacy you were so special to all of us and none of us will ever forget you.  You taught me a lot even though i didnt know you for that long.  You taught me to live life to the fullest and always smile.  Thanks for everything!!!! I MISS YOU TONS!!

Love ya bunches,

Gina Emon



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