Stacy's Garden

From Gretchen 

Every day for preschool we would carpool together her mom or my mom would drive us. I don't know if any of you remember that, and at preschool one day me and Stacy built this huge block town type thing and we were very proud of it, then Mike Venske came up and just kicked it over, we hated him so much, but we got over it. Since I lived next to her I rode the same bus and kept friends along the way.  Stacy, Stephanie and I, in about 7th grade, dressed up in these clothes and stood by the highway waving at vehicles, we laughed so much that day, I wish I would have kept the good friendship we had as children but we grew apart somewhat. We were always friends though and I don't think I need to tell you how much she will be missed.  We had a lot of fun times over the years, we'd always go to Steph's house and jump on the trampoline, she was always so scared of falling so she just sat there alot, but it gave us all good humor. She was really good at that, like when on the bus one morning, she asked me if I liked the dye job and of course I said yes, although I liked her hair before too. I remember saying goodbye to her on the bus, I never thought it would be goodbye. She taught me to value goodbye hugs a lot more and that life is too short for hate, even though it's hard sometimes. I'm going to be honest, I wasn't as close to her as I wish I had been, living next door I should have been, but I am lucky to have had the amount of time with her that I did because five minutes with her was always a good laugh and smile. In a way I still feel her with us every time a joke comes up that I know she would laugh at, she laughed at all my stupid jokes. I wrote a poem for her and it's also on here, I think we all learned something from her. I could go on forever but I won't. Gods Speed everyone.

Love always and forever,


 (Don't give God too much trouble!!)                                          

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