Stacy's Garden

From Gretchen Anderson

Its February 14, 2004.  Its Valentines Day..almost exactly four years since God took Stacy home.  I remember how I felt the day I found out, the day of the funeral..and after all this time, I sit in my college dorm room and think about Valentines day, and look at my shelf of candles picture frames and remember Stacy .  I don't even know what to say other than, its been four years and there has hardly been a day when I havn't thought about her, and how the memories never died, and never will, its the first friends you have, that last forever.  I cry as I write this, only because a part of me wishes this was still not real, that I could rewind life four years and talk to her again, but I know that she's in Heaven, and there is no better place, nowhere on Earth. I still remember hugging Michelle at the wake for Stacy, and will never forget that she told me stacy would always be watching me, because I know she is.  I had a dream almost a month ago, and it was about Stacy, and she was moving into my dorm, and she looked at me and said " You wanted me to live with you, right?" and of course I said yes..and she looked at me in my dream, and said, " I've always lived with you." I am not lying and it was then, that I was satisfied in knowing that God has her in his palm and that she does live with me, inside my heart. I can finally smile when I see old pictures of us. Just know Stacy is always around all of us, and its been four years, and I have not forgotten her, and I never will. Nobody could forget her. To Stacy's parents- Thank you for sharing Stacy, your amazing accomplishment with the world, she is always with you.
Gretchen Anderson February 14, 2004

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