Stacy's Garden

From Gretchen Anderson

The Quietest Day
The hallways got quiet
my heart became still
candles began burning
and there was a desk left to fill
The snow lost its luster
The winter turned cold
Our bodies froze in pain
As we realized what we were told
I remember the day
Because feet would not dance
I wanted to keep you all
and leave nothing to chance
The flowers weren't scented
They were like beautiful tears
The word of God soon spoken
To silence heavy fears
You are faces not forgotten
You are hearts still beating
You left me love to light my hope
and a memory not fleeting
The pain of your loss
can not be surpassed
but God gave you his heaven
so your image could last
The adventure of Justin
Stacys blonde bombshell smile
Dan's humor still echo's
Memories to stretch a mile
Written for those of you I was privileged to know, and Pained to lose. Justin Hartneck, Stacy Vanderlinde, and Dan Fosmo. Also remembering Brett Fosmo and Andy Gorsche.  Heavens full of angels now.
Love always,
Gretchen Anderson


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