Stacy's Garden

From Gretchen Anderson

A few Years Ago


A few years age 
give or take a few days
I stood by your body
and I gazed at your face

They told me you were happy
They told me your free
And with every passing moment
I just wanted you with me

I thought I couldn't breath
Because this pain tore my heart
But what God puts together
Let no one tear apart

I still hear your laughter
I still see your smile
And when I walk through the shadows
I see that bright smile

A few years ago

Give or take a few days
I stood at your body
And I gazed your face

Now I look to the future
And It's starting to be
Okay that you left me
Okay that you're free

Written with love by gretchen. It's okay Stacy, I get it now, You are in a place much better than hear in a place filled with happiness that we can't fathom.



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