Stacy's Garden

From Jackie Janning

Stacy I loved you as a baby-sitter. You were so fun you and Michelle used to bring the Lion King Game over all the time and me, Matt and Marissa could play it forever. I and Matt and Marissa also had fun learning all the cool card games you taught us. I remember whenever me and Matt would fight I would always say " I didn't do anything," and you would say well go to your room now. The you would make us close our doors and in less than a minute you would call me down, while Matt had no clue because his door was still closed. When Matt came down he would get mad but then he would get over it. I also remember whenever you had just got back from camping you would tell us about all the boys you met and all the fun you had. You would also read all the notes you had in your notes but before you let us read them you always went through to make sure they were kiddy proof. Stacy you were such a beautiful person and when I saw you with that blonde hair I thought what did she get herself into. Soon it grew to me and it went really good with the smile. When I heard I couldn't keep from crying the whole day. Stacy everyone will really miss you, you were really kind and caring. My parents knew the first time you and Michelle baby-sat she could trust you both. I remember the time that we mad popcorn and there was a bunch of the seeds left in the metal bowl so we put it in the microwave and nothing happened our popcorn was just burnt. Then when my mom came home we told her what we did and then she said "Well I hope you didn't use a metal bowl." We looked at each other and laughed. You always asked me if my mom was mad and no she wasn't she just told me no to do that. Well, Stacy I got to go thanks for all the good memories we had. Tell Jesus hi. I will see you someday. 

Jackie L. Janning


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"Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
From the Lion King


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