Stacy's Garden

From Jenna Schmidt

Hye Stacy~

Its still very hard to believe that you are gone. Everyone misses you a great deal and you have touched so many in the short time you were here. Missy and I will never forget our posse we had and it has never been the same since. We have done some pretty crazy things and laughed about so much (especially my mom!!). I loved being with you and we have so many memories. I remember how you always loved my peoms and helped me pick out the poem I should enter in a contest last year. Well you helped me pick out the right  one and it was published in a book. You always  wanted me to write a peom for you but I never  knew where to start. So one night I thought back and have finally gotten around to writing that for you... 

Dear Stacy~

Like a needle in a haystack
True friends are hard to find
That's why I am so thankful
That I can call you mine

Whenever I needed a shoulder
You were there to catch my tears
You've kept my many secrets
Throughout the passing years

You've been there through my triumphs
You've witnessed my defeats
I'll always remember the good times
And am thankful the bad ones didn't repeat

Without you my heart is hurts
But there's one thing i never told you
You've always been my angel
And thank you for everything
Whenever I think about you my heart will sing!

~I miss you so much and I will never forget you!! I await for that day when we meet again To share all the stories that we need to catch up on

 I love you so much and i know you are watching over all of us right now.

Thankyou for everything you have brought me. You showed me how precious life is and to value every minute. I show an extra smile in the morning and at night just for you every day! Goodbye my angel~

Love ya much

*Jenna Schmidt*


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