Stacy's Garden

From Jesse Vanderlinde

Stacy you are the best.  I remember at Sam V's birthday party we dared you to put ketchup on your cake and then eat it and you do it, because you loved ketchup.  You also taught us how to play what if and we played it for hours, and laughed at what the answers were.  And you would always chew on Anna Lynch's rubber rope for her hip.  You  would also bug Derek (Sam's
little brother) that was always the funniest part of the night.  At Sam's party you would also read us your notes or tell us about cute boys.  You were also a booster basketball assistant coach.  I wasn't on your team  that year, but I heard a lot of what went on at the practices.  You are the most awesome person ever.  I will never forget you, and I will miss you forever.
Jesse Vanderlinde


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