Stacy's Garden

From Katie

     Hey Stacy

  I guess I will start this letter off the same  way you would have. What's up? I am sure a lot. I think about  you all the time. I am so mad you had to go. What's it like up there anyway? Awesome? I bet you made a thousand new friends. Do you make them laugh the same way you did me? I'm sure you do. Things are so boring without you. There's no one to giggle with and no  one else understands our inside jokes. I wish I would have known Tuesday was our last day. There are so many things I would have said to you. You were truly one of my best friends. What are Missy and I going to do without you? Our Sunday night group things are going to be so dull. and who's going to dare me to dress up for the pizza boy when he delivers. It wont be as funny. Do me a favor and check up  on me from time to time and make sure I am behaving. (you know what a trouble maker I am! Ha, Ha,) Did you show God your smile yet? I bet he loves it. Every time I sing the Blink song make sure you help me out with the words. You know how easily I forget (my little wind meel) I am so glad I get you for an Angel. Even when you shouldn't have gone so soon. O' how I wish you could have stayed. There couldn't be a better angel in all of heaven. Tell God I said Hi. I will be with you again in time. Until then you live in my heart forever.

              Love you,



      I wrote this letter to Stacy the day after she died and I haven't stopped missing her since. She was a very big part of my life. And I know she is always looking out for us. She was one of my best friends and will always be. I look forward to the day that I see her bright smile in heaven.

                     I LOVE YOU STACY

                                 Love,      Katie Walker




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