Stacy's Garden

From Kristy Dressen

Hello, My name is Kristy Dressen and I am 15 and attend WMHS.  I didn't know Stacy to well but we were on the same softball teams a couple times and I remember her making it so much fun.  Tonight, thinking about her birthday I was listening to some music and looking at her web page.  A song came on and its called,  "With Hope" by Steven Curtis Chapman.  Just thinking about the lyrics comforted me, nothing will ever be able to replace Stacy but we always have our memories. I hope you like this song, and maybe put it on the web page.

Use the link above to go to a site with the song.  When you get there go to the bottom of the page and click on the botttom "With Hope" link.  I think you will need Real Player to here the song.





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