Stacy's Garden

From Matt Biskey

Stacy-It has almost been a year now and it feels like its been forever since I've seen that great smile, yet then pain feels like you just went. In the short time we had together you have touched my life more then anyone ever has. Our religion class will never be the same. I remember all those Wednesdays we use to sit outside and talk before the bell rang. Some days I would go to class sad, but by the end of the class it was you that cheered me up. You didn't really have to say much, just smile, and what ever it was that was wrong in my life just went away. 

I remember the one time before religion class when You, Cassie, Ian, and I, went across the road to the park. Cassie and I were playing around in the pee-rocks, and when the bell rang we all rushed back. You were laughing so hard, because Cassie and I could hardly walk, because we had so many rocks in our shoes. That laugh I will never forget.
I know you are happy now, and we cant wait to see you again. You are the greatest person I have ever met. I wish I could have told you before you left that you hold a special place in my heart that no one can ever touch. So I'd like to thank your Family for sharing such a wonderful person with us. Most of all I'd like to thank you for teaching me to never give up, no matter how bad things get, just smile!

I Love Ya always

Matt Biskey 



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