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From Megan and Monica


I will never forget at one of my party's you and Amber Morgan were playing the piano while I was downstairs. All of the sudden I hear this big thunk and I was wondering what was going on up there. So I went go see what had happened and here you and Amber were trying to fix the piano with tape! But that didn't work so you guys tried to hammer it with nails. I will never forget that. My sister just wanted to say that you were an awesome person to be with. She remembers how we always used to out on the trampoline and at night we would sit in my room and laugh while she was trying to sleep. Both of us will miss you gorgeous blonde hair and your touching smile. There are so many memories that I could talk about forever. All my sister and I wanted to say that we are going to miss you, your hair, laugh, and smile very much. We love and will never forget you! 


Megan and Monica


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From Titanic


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