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From Michelle Babatz


You are the best. I remember the time when you were at Christie Bluhum's house. It was you, me and Christie. It was in the summer time. You and me were going to spend the night at Christie's house. We walked down to the store and got a 6pack of 24oz. of mountain dew to drink. Then we went back to Christie's house we sat there and talked or listen to you talk. You loved to talk. 

Then I remember Megan's party's. We would talk and hang out and laugh the whole night. I remember one time when it was me you and molly and we were talking about death. You would tell us that you would never want to die and how scary that would be. We would say jokingly "yeah I'll go to your funeral when you die, will you go to mine?". We never did think it would come true. I never did think it would come true until that night. I had received the phone call from Christie Bluhum around 6 that night. I had a big test to study for which I knew I wasn't going to take. I think I cried the whole night and didn't get to bed until like 2a.m. I went through one box of kleenexes by myself that night. The pain hurt so bad. I had lost a friend. We were not best friends but i had wished we would have became next year when we would be in the same school again. I didn't want to believe it. I don't think anyone wanted to believe it. It is still hard for me to believe. I had never really lost someone who I cared about so much. 

Then I remember my friends telling me about how at Ben Anderson's party how your braces broke and they tried to use a pliers to fix them and you started crying cuz it hurt so bad.  I will always and forever love you and miss you.

I'll never ever forget you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Always and Forever,

Michelle Babatz


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