Stacy's Garden

From Molly Niesen

Stacy was God's gift to all of us. Her smile was amazing and you could notice her 20 feet away because of her bleach blonde hair. I loved every minute I spent with her even if we only shared a few. 

I remember this one time we were over at Christie Blum's house chatting on AOL and Stacy had this craving for mac and cheese. So we decided to go in to Christie's kitchen and see if we could make it. It turned out Stacy was a better cook then she thought. 

I think of her everyday, her smile, laugh, the great times we all shared when we had been closer friends. When she left the middle school none of us 8th grade friends saw her. We drifted apart and we didn't even talk anymore. I now know that I'll never know when someone is going to leave and to treasure every moment I can with the ones I love the most. If Stacy could come back for one day just so we all could tell her how much we missed her and how she touched so many life's. I bet she would be blown away by how many people love her. 

February 9th I found out that she had a crush on Derek Boll a bunch of us girls thought that he should know that was the way she felt about him. He never knew that and he told us if he would have that he didn't know what he would have done about it for the simple fact that he has a girlfriend. Derek told us that he couldn't help, that he was praying for her. If Stacy knew that we told him I bet she would wanna shoot us, because whenever she talked about a boy she said "what I say stays with us and no one can find out about it this of I'll kill you." 

Stacy was one of my favorite people. I never knew that I was going to ever have a phone call saying she was gone forever. She was never a person I thought could leave and I wouldn't get the chance to say good bye. I know in me heart that she is in heaven smiling down on us and to know that my heart fills with happiness. 

I'll never forget Stacy as long as I live and I know that she has gone to a better place. I love you girlie keep on smile'n (: 

~ Love always ~

Molly Niesen



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