Stacy's Garden

From Molly Niesen

Stacy Ann Vanderlinde

 How are you?  How is Jesus?  I miss you a hole lot!  Geez it sure doesn't feel like two years.  It's your eternal life Birthday.  I know your shinning down  on all of us.  Your smile has been shinning thro the clouds and making everyday a lot brighter!  We all down here will never forget you. know I will always remember your "Blonde" Hair and your stunning smile.  My heart still is recovering the 3rd degree burns, from when we lost  you. Everyone cares so much about you, and I know your in a much better place.  My heart goes out to you and your entire family.  There will always be a place in my life for you and I know we will soon meet you again.  Even though I wasn't very "close" to you but i still love you tons and tons more.  Tell Nick, Josh, Tyler, and Catriena "Hi" for me, and please watch them.  I care very much about all you special angels!  Keep Smile-N Down!


Love always now and forever





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