Stacy's Garden

From Rachael Axtman

Hey Stacy:

I really miss you!  I remeber in shop class everyday when I'd come to school if I was in a bad mood or just really tired I'd walk in and you'd yell hi to me and then it would just make my day better.  Then when I'd sit down you and me would talk about who we liked or who likes who or what we were doing that weekend.  I also remeber that we were going to do our shop projects on the same thing so it would go faster, but then we realized that we had to make them totally different sizes.  I really miss you, and it bums me out that you and me were starting to become better friends before you died.  I remeber that we use to talk in chior and laugh when Mr. Benson would tell us to be quite.  I really miss you and really wish we could have hung out.  But I am glad that I did get to know you and talk to you.  I miss you stacy!


**Rachael Axtman**



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