Stacy's Garden

From Rachel Ketcher


   The memories that I shared with Stacy were awesome!  We would always talk about who we liked or who we thought was cute.  I was only able to get into a deep conversation with her during the fifteen minutes that we were on the bus together (or when I called her).  But that was enough to make great memories.

   Some things that I remember from when I first met Stacy are, she was always smiling, and she would always make me feel good when I was down.  When I first moved to Watertown and I rode the bus the first morning of the first day of school I was scared.  I didn't know anybody on the bus.  But when Stacy got on the bus she sat by me and talked to me.  That made me feel like I didn't need to be scared anymore.  After a couple of weeks went by and Stacy and I kept getting closer I knew that our friendship was going to last for a long time.

I can still remember like it was yesterday that I was in third grade and Stacy in fourth and we were playing those fun hand clap games.  We had so much fun that the one hour bus ride seemed to go by sooo fast.

   Stacy - thanx for all of the great memories that we had together.  I will remember them forever.

               Rachel Ketcher


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