Stacy's Garden

From Sam Quaas

HI. I am Sam Quaas. I don't know if you know me but me and Stacy were really close like last year and when she went up in the high school we grew apart a little bit. I am in eight grade. but you will like this memory. In fact Stacy probably told you about it. 

Me, Christie Bluhm, and Stacy were cleaning ditches, and me and Stacy had to go to the bathroom really really bad. We needed to go so bad,  and there was no where to go so we kept walking and we came to this house. it was like a farm and we went to it and she had the guts to ask the people if we could use the bathroom. She sat down and she started talking to the people. She didn't even know them. It was so cute. When we left we were laughing really hard. I was like I have to tell Jesse about this (my boyfriend) and Christie said I have to tell Eric about this (her boyfriend) and Stacy started laughing and said I am going to tell my mom about this. It was sooo funny. We were laughing really hard. 

I am really sorry that this happened but she is happy. We will miss her and love her always. 

God and Stacy are watching down on us,


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