Stacy's Garden

From Sam Vanderlinde

I remember the first year that Stacy babysat my brothers (Alex, and Derek) and me.  You would always send my brothers to their rooms when they fought a bit, and then we'd go into my room and sit there, and dance, tell secrets, and talk about who we liked, just like sisters.  I always thought of you as my big sister, since I just have two brothers.
I remember the first year that you babysat part time (with Michelle filling in the other days) you were so careful on what you touched or did.  You would always ask, "Is this ok, or can I read this."  and all I could say was, yes Stacy!  the next year we would always get  a good laugh about it.  Then last year my mom asked you if you'd coach our basketball team, and you were like, "Oh my gosh, I'd love too!"  So every time at practice, we would always get in water fights, and never really get any practice in..........!!!!!!  

We like to pick on you because you could never keep your gum in your mouth. Then also last year there was my birthday party in 1999.  We were eating caked, and hotdogs, and since you loved tons of ketchup, we dared you to eat your cake with ketchup.  And of course since you took almost all the dares you were dared, you ate you cake with ketchup.   We took a lot of pictures and you are in some, but not that much.  I wish I would have taken more pictures
of you.  We also had a video camera, and you are on a lot of the tape.  Every year at my birthday someone would tape each person at the party, and ask them information on the birthday girl.  I have it set that each time I walk in my room thinking about you (which is all the time) I turn it on and watch your beautiful smile light up the screen.  We played "WHAT IF", something you taught us, and now we joke on how funny it was, and all the stuff about my cat!!!!  We also did "THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW" and you were in it with a few
of my friends.  It was hilarious but the camera stopped so we didn't get everything on it.

You were the life of the party Stacy, and I thought you were going to feel left out, but you fit right in with our younger crowd, because you always fit in, with anybody.  You cared about other people, and you were friends to so many. That same party my brothers had friends over, and you and a few others (including me) went outside, and tapped on the window, and woke the boys up.  They told my dad, and while you guys went and hid under the covers, of course, I got the blame for it. It wasn't that funny then, but the next morning we had a laugh about it.

I'm glad we rode the bus together.  You would always want some of  my pop, and when I'd give in to you, you'd say SIP YOUR RIVER!  The last day I say you on the bus was Feb. 7th.  And you said, "Oh my gosh I haven't seen you guys in so long!!!!"  I was having some friends over that day too.  I was tired that day, so I didn't say that much to you, though I wish I would have.  I just listened as you talked to us, you always had something to say.   I remember saying good-bye to you as you got off the bus, I didn't thinks it would be the last. When I came home the following night from babysitting, I was happy, but not for long.  My parents told me the awful news.  I couldn't stop crying.  I loved you so much, you were like family to me, like a sister.  Now you were gone.

Oh yeah, I forgot the time that we were at your house with you cousin, and we went outside to sneak up on some boys, only we didn't have any shoes with us (because we were in your room), so we put on some of your slippers.  Well it didn't take us long to notice that they weren't keeping our feet dry, so we ran into the garage where our parents were, and your mom saw us, and was
like, "Stacy did you wear those outside?"  and you were like, "NO"  hehehehe.  I don't know what I will do without you.  When I go to your house, I won't know what to do, because you won't be there, and I always talked to you and we would just hang out together.
Then when I first heard that one of your favorite songs was "The Rose"  I knew that I had to learn it.  So I got the CD and kept listening to it.  Then at my cousins wedding, there was a karaoke machine, and I decided to sing the Rose for you.  I know that you heard me, and i love you lots!!!!!!!  You are in my prayers every night, and in my heart forever.

Love you always, Sam

March 29, 2000

I have already written a lot, but everyday I come across new memories, and I just can't believe that you are gone. Today I thought of one, and I wanted to share it.

When you were baby-sitting my brothers and me, we would get bored sometimes, and so one day, we found some water balloons, and we decided to make babies out of them. We had my doll clothes to dress them up in, and markers to make their faces, and they looked pretty cute. The object of the game was to see who was the best parent. Although when someone's broke, we would just get a new one. Well we seemed to make it threw the day, and we never knew what to do with them, because we didn't want to throw them away (or pop them). So we went do to the sand box, and covered them up with sand. Some days they would pop, and some days they wouldn't. The way I thought of this memory is I  was playing with my little cousin (Karen) in the sand box, and it just rushed threw my head. I'm sure I'll write more, but for now, I am just writing this.

Love you always Stacy,

Samantha Vanderlinde


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