Stacy's Garden

From Tricia Allen


 I am just going to share a couple of memories that I had with Stacy.
I  wasn't like best friends with her or anything but I still talked to her
and  stuff. I remember in 9th grade are health class was really big and
Stacy  always had to be chewing on something if it wasn't gum then it was her pen  cap. One day in health we where watching a movie and Stacy raises her hand  and says Mr. Nace can I go get a drink I just swallowed my pen cap and no one  believed her and till she showed us the part was gone. It was so funny  everyone laughed with her! Another memory I have is when we played summer  softball in 8th grade she was on my team and one day we had practice and she  came with April and she had her glove over her head and we all just looked  at her and where wondering why she had her glove on her head then she took it  off and we where all amazed. She grow into it and it fit her pretty good.  these are just a few memories that I wanted to write down for everyone to  read. Stacy was a good person and she still is. She always had a smile on  her face and gum in her mouth. Stacy keep looking down on everyone and keep  smiling above.

 Tricia Allen

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