Stacy's Garden

From Tricia Allen

Hello this is Tricia Allen again and it is December 2001. I sit here and think of Stacy and all of what she had brought to this world and all the fun she had with everyone! Two years is coming up in Feb 2002 and it is just like yikes it doesn't seem that long! I wasn't the best of friends with Stacy but she just touched my heart with her bubbly personality and I am so glad that i got to meet her and play sports with her and just see her smile it just makes me so happy that I knew Stacy! There isn't a day that goes by when I don't think of Stacy! Stacy I hope u are making friends up there but you still got your friends down here! I hope you check in on everyone from time to time! Stacy you where great and I can not express that enough I don't think anyone can! I just thought that I would write and say HI to you and your family!

Stacy you are missed and always will be!!!
Love Tricia Allen


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