Stacy's Garden

The Gift of a Memory
by Marianne Richmond

From Aunt Jeanne


Some things seemed so usual on that remembered day. The sun arose, the birds awoke and the kids came out to play. For most of us the hours past, much like the days before. We lost ourselves in busyness and rushed from task to chore.

It was not so for you my friend, and forever will it be the day God said To your beloved, "Come Home and Dwell With Me?" Yes on this day you lost someone you loved with all your heart. And with this truth, the world you knew abruptly fell apart.

How fleeting was the moment that stilled this life so dear. Yet, how profound the impact on you left mourning here. Time offered no rehearsal for your feelings of goodbye. Whether sudden or expected, loss begs the question "why?"

Some say God sends his children here with special tasks to do. Then calls them to Him one by one, when all their work is through. Others feel, "Thy will was done," is lifeís eternal plan. And when we too leave here, weíll finally understand.

Still you might find little solace in the why behind your sorrow. The one you love is gone from here, and this changes tomorrow. If loss comes too, with tragedy, it is harder even still, to believe Such pain was preference or anybodyís will.

With this, your heart does lead you along a path of grief, where you Gather precious memories, and through tears, you find relief. The pace at which you travel is yours to set and share with those On whom youíll count to listen, talk, and care.

You may wish yourself to hurry and believe your morning through,  But pain from loss prefers to stay and make a home in you. And there it will become a friend, who gently helps you cross Into a life that finds new meaning from your encounter with such loss.

This happens slowly over weeks, and months, and years. And even then, There will be days when memories call fresh tears. A song, a scent, or photograph keeps your heart in touch with All that you so treasured in the one you miss so much.

Yet, a time will come eventually when the pain of where youíve been Makes room within your heart for HOPE in life again. Then may the joys of every day create memories for your heart, Like precious gifts sent full of love from the one who did depart.

May you sense your loved oneís spirit on a lazy sunshine day, and Know the one you miss delights to watch YOU laugh and play. May you recall that radiant smile in the sparkle of a STAR and know Itís shining extra bright to find you from afar.

May you hear your belovedís laughter in the misty falling rain, and Know that tears from heaven fall from eyes that share you pain.

May you feel your belovedís touch when mild breezes blow, To caress your cheek and softly whisper, "I still walk with you, you know."



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