Stacy's Garden

The Dance

An angel dancing, the dance of life that was, and life that will be. Missing a loved one from you life changes the life we have felt, and wish to return to. But so many changes in our life makes it a dance we may not repeat, but one we will never regret having danced. We share with others the story of our dance, and look forward to the new steps we take. The dance of -life was meant to be shared. It is not easy to dance alone until you can feel at ease enough to learn the new steps.  

The Rose

Like the petals failing from a basket, our loved ones make up more than one flower in time. Each one is unforgettable, each one is unique, for without them in our lives, we would not have the beauty that is ours to remember. Always remembered with love we share the delicate fragrance of the memory, the memory of the beauty. The pain is a thorn attached to the memory of the Rose. Always there, and will prick you if you touch it, but the memory is still sweet.



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