Stacy's Garden

I Wanted To Do Something

I wanted to write something to show how I feel
When I found out you died, I didn't think it was real
I thought maybe a card to her mom and dad 
Or maybe a card to the other friends that she had
Or maybe a song I could sing to the sky
Sing my feelings as the clouds roll by
But I thought maybe I would just say your missed
To everyone, who would here, my voice like a fist
You are gone, you were dear, every minute makes me think about it
And that I can't do anything but just write and sit
So I thought I would tell you, all who will here
Please for tonight hold your loved ones dear
Not just for Stacy, but for all that have died
You can't predict those deaths it hurts inside
Once their gone you will wish you would have held them tight
Because you never know where they will go tonight
So try with your enemies, friends you could be
For when they die, the good person you didn't see
You can never know the pain that this entails to know
Your friend, your peer, had to go
But it helps me to know we were always kind
We didn't have troubles together to put behind
But for those who weren't it hurts the most
Because mean things for them you can no longer boast
So please all I ask, be kind to each other
We are all in this together, sister and brother
Not by blood but by human race
No color or religion can change your face

From Gretchen Anderson and Tyna Gilbert, We Love You 


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"Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
From the Lion King


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