Stacy's Garden

Eleven Things I Miss About You
In Loving Memory of Stacy Ann Vanderlinde
By: Michelle

I miss the way you'd look at me
and the way you'd fix your hair.

I miss the way you'd fight with me
like you didn't care.

I miss the way you'd laugh at things
and the way you'd watch t.v.

I miss you way you'd take my clothes
and denied that you wanted to be more like me.

I miss the way you'd sing and dance
and help people in their times of trouble.

I miss the way you'd yell and scream
and, yet, be so extremely loveable.

I miss the phone calls that you'd make
and all of your fashionable ways.

I miss the way you'd smile your smile
that reflected the sunshine's rays.

I miss the sound of your cheerful voice
and the way you brightened each day.

I miss the way your eyes would twinkle
in their bright sparkling way.

I miss the way you'd try to annoy me
but we knew to stick together.

Because of all these things I miss,
I know that you will live in my heart forever.




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"Love Can Build A Bridge"
By the Judds


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