Stacy's Garden

Memories of a Friend
Submitted by Stephanie Clark

My eyes fill with tears
Just another school year
without you here
To hold my hand like you
did before
I try to think of the
happy times
Memories that were so fun
to make
I try to be happy knowing
you're in a better place
But it hurts knowing I can't
see your smile or hear
your laugh when I crack a
stupid joke
We shared so many secrets
and so many joy-filled times
My heart over flows with your
undying image

After you left, the fights seemed
so petty and the good times so few
We took for granted thinking we had
so much time
But we never knew your life would
be cut short
You had so many dreams and goal
for the future
But they were buried in the ground
Everyone cried when they got
the news

We couldn't quite believe you
were gone with no goodbyes
It turned my whole world
upside down
Nothing seemed to break through
Until you came to me in that dream
and told me to let go
You said there was no more pain
and everything was fine
You told me to be happy and go
on with my life
Then you kissed me gently on the
cheek, smiled and faded away

Now I know that you are truly gone
But the pain is sometimes strong
The fog around my heart is slowly
And I'm learning to love again
Your fate taught me to live my
life the best I can each day
Never trust tomorrow cause it might
not be there

So I stand here in the hallway
as the tears run down my face
I smile and think
You were  my love
You were my friend
And you'll be forever in my heart


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