Stacy's Garden

I found this "My Best Friend " poem and it reminded me of Stacy and all of her friends.

 The last time I saw her,
my heart yearned to tell her
she was the dearest friend to my heart.
The words didn't come,
and so I turned to go
never telling her how dear she was to me.

When I was told she was gone,
I cried till dawn.
My mind screamed NO!!!
But my heart knew it was true,
For the Lord knew all the pain she had gone through.

So now I know she is filled with His love,
in that place as beautiful as a dove.
Forever she will be close to my heart,
until the Lord decides it is time for me to part.
Then reunited we will be, best friends
in Heaven forever... you'll see.

Author Unknown

-Brooke Salonek



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