Hi! Welcome to Stacy's Garden Web Page Setup Sheet!

We are trying to make the website as "democratic" as possible, so
please take a look at this page and select how you would like your
page to look and "feel".  We realize that everyone's taste is NOT the same and urge you to participate in the design of your page. 

First things first...  If you send an email, PLEASE -  include your first and last name for the webpage.    

When you send your "memories" to "mvando316@aol.com", you can
include how you want your page to look and sound. Just select one of
each of the following categories.


We will choose letter color....


We don't want to make people have to download special audio players, so we are limiting the music files to "midi" files.  (Anything created that has a ".mid" extension.)  You can select from music already on the site (those listed below) or you can send me your own music - PROVIDED, it's a midi file and it's appropriate enough to be included here.  NOTE:  None of these songs have the words.

SONG 1 The Rose
SONG 2 Forever Young (Rod Stewart Melody without words)
My Heart Will Go On (From the "Titanic")
Version 1

Version 2
Version 3
Version 4
SONG 4 Sierra Madre (A Family Favorite)
SONG 5 Can You Feel The Love Tonight? (from "The Lion King)
SONG 6 Pachelbel's Canon in D
SONG 7 Watermark (by Enya)
SONG 8 Greensleeves


PLEASE, send us a scanned (or other digital) photo if you have one.  If you don't have one scanned, check with your family and friends to see if they have a scanner that you can use.  If you are a student at Watertown-Mayer High School, perhaps they have a scanner you could use - check with them.

We'd like to recognize Stacy's friends, so include a caption for the picture with the names of the people in it.  Here's an example:

Front Row:  Megan Tilly, Rachel Waters
Back Row:  John Hughes, Stacy, Carly Simon


Send us whatever you would like to have on your page. Within reason, it will be added right away.  If we question it, we will ask you about it before putting it on the page.

One final note:  For the most part, anything you send will be put on the website "IN IT'S ENTIRETY", with little or no editing done. Spelling corrections will be done if we spot something obvious, otherwise it's "what you send is what you'll see".

You can modify or add to your page as you see fit. It's your page.  If you send more than one "memory", tell us if you want to add it to your page or if it is to replace your existing page.

Thanks again for helping us create this wonderful memorial.

Stacy's Family