Stacy's Garden

A Smile or Two From Dad

On Driving

You were about 10 and you wanted to learn how to drive Tim's Go-Cart.  After showing you the brake, the accelerator, and the emergency shut off, we were ready.  I said "Go slow and I will run alongside".  I think that bit of information never made it through those blonde curls of yours because it was pedal to the metal and hang on.  I ran as fast as I could - then dived for the back of the go cart.  You dragged me for about 100 yards until you ran in the ditch and hit a bump forcing your foot to come off the accelerator.  I got up and was just furious until I heard your laugh and saw your smile.  So, it was another lesson, and a block of wood behind the pedal, and all went well.

On Being Grounded

I think you were grounded most of last year - but, you would go to mom and ask her "If you could go to a friend's house:, and if she said "No", I would hear you coming down the steps and think "Oh No."  She will come to me now and smile and I am about to lose another debate over if you could go out or if you had to stay home.  It would also work the other way if I said "No" first.


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