Stacy's Garden

A Smile or Two from Mom

On Hair

There was the time you wanted to highlight your hair and you called me that night crying and said, "Don't be mad at me, it turned out white".  And when dad came to pick you up he said "He could see you a block away, standing under that street light, and your head was just glowing white".  But after a while you laughed and smiled, and made it look like only you could.  

On Being Grounded

 Your fights with Michelle and her coming up the stairs saying "Mom she took another shirt" and you said "I did not", and then Michelle would find it in your room.  You just smiled and Michelle would forget about the whole thing.  After taking the shirt, we grounded you.  A day later you would ask to go to a friends house and I said "Yes". But then Michelle would say "But Mom, you grounded her" and I would say "That's right", but I still let you go because you could talk your way out of most anything.  i think you are the only girl that was grounded all last summer and still went out one to two nights a week.

On the Cloud Machine

I remember the time we were on the way to Brenard and we went by the Monticello Power Plant and I told you it was a cloud making machine, and you were so fascinated.  Then a few years later we were going back up there and you said to Danielle "Look, there is the cloud making machine", and I turned to dad and said, "that's right, we never told her it was a power plant".  

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