Stacy's Garden

A Smile or Two from Michelle

On Your Laugh

You have the most wonderful smile, a bubbly personality, and a laugh someone could hear two blocks away.  I remember always picking on you about your laugh and called it your "donkey" laugh.  Then you'd tell me "No, it's not" and then you'd start laughing and I'd prove my point immediately.

On Your Hair

I remember when you came home with your newly dyed hair and I asked you what happened and you cried as you told me to keep quiet.  Then you informed me that your hair was too thick so they used two boxes.  I couldn't help but laugh.

Just call you Naomi

Remember when we'd play our "Red Chip, Blue Chip" game and compete to see who was the better singer.  Then there were nights when you'd sleep in my room or I'd sleep in yours and we'd sing "Love Can Build a Bridge" which was among the favorites.  I'd be Wynona, you'd be Naomi.  And we'd laugh so hard at each other as we tried to copy their voices just perfect.  


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