On Driving (Dad)

You were about 10 and you wanted to learn how to drive Tim's Go-Cart.  After showing you the brake, the accelerator, and the emergency shut off, we were ready.  I said "Go slow and I will run alongside".  I think that bit of information never made it through those blonde curls of yours because it was pedal to the metal and hang on.  I ran as fast as I could - then dived for the back of the go cart.  You dragged me for about 100 yards until you ran in the ditch and hit a bump forcing your foot to come off the accelerator.  I got up and was just furious until I heard your laugh and saw your smile.  So, it was another lesson, and a block of wood behind the pedal, and all went well.

More Driving Lessons (Dad)

Dear Stacy,
I was reminiscing the other day about the times we would go ice fishing on Dexter Lake. You enjoyed going along because I would let you drive our pickup from the landing to the fish house. I remember the day you asked how to do a (spinny). I asked what in the world is a spinny and you said it's when you make the truck go around in circles. I told you to turn the wheel and give it some gas. I have to say Stacy you can do spinnys with the best of them. It took us about 45 minutes to go the half mile to the fish house and we laughed the whole way. I miss that laugh and that big smile so much Stacy.

Love you,  Dad

On Being Grounded (Dad)

I think you were grounded most of last year - but, you would go to mom and ask her "If you could go to a friend's house:, and if she said "No", I would hear you coming down the steps and think "Oh No."  She will come to me now and smile and I am about to lose another debate over if you could go out or if you had to stay home.  It would also worth the other way if I said "No" first.

On Being Grounded (Mom)

Your fights with Michelle and her coming up the stairs saying "Mom she took another shirt" and you said "I did not", and then Michelle would find it in your room.  You just smiled and Michelle would forget about the whole thing.  After taking the shirt, we grounded you.  A day later you would ask to go to a friends house and I said "Yes". But then Michelle would say "But Mom, you grounded her" and I would say "That's right", but I still let you go because you could talk your way out of most anything.  i think you are the only girl that was grounded all last summer and still went out one to two nights a week.

On Your Hair (Mom)

There was the time you wanted to highlight your hair and you called me that night crying and said, "Don't be mad at me, it turned out white".  And when dad came to pick you up he said "He could see you a block away, standing under that street light, and your head was just glowing white".  But after a while you laughed and smiled, and made it look like only you could.  

On Your Hair (Michelle)

I remember when you came home with your newly dyed hair and I asked you what happened and you cried as you told me to keep quiet.  Then you informed me that your hair was too thick so they used two boxes.  I couldn't help but laugh.

On the Cloud Machine (Mom)

I remember the time we were on the way to Brenard and we went by the Monticello Power Plant and I told you it was a cloud making machine, and you were so fascinated.  Then a few years later we were going back up there and you said to Danielle "Look, there is the cloud making machine", and I turned to dad and said, "that's right, we never told her it was a power plant".  

On Your Laugh (Michelle)

You have the most wonderful smile, a bubbly personality, and a laugh someone could hear two blocks away.  I remember always picking on you about your laugh and called it your "donkey" laugh.  Then you'd tell me "No, it's not" and then you'd start laughing and I'd prove my point immediately.

On Your Singing or Just call you Naomi (Michelle)

Remember when we'd play our "Red Chip, Blue Chip" game and compete to see who was the better singer.  Then there were nights when you'd sleep in my room or I'd sleep in yours and we'd sing "Love Can Build a Bridge" which was among the favorites.  I'd be Wynona, you'd be Naomi.  And we'd laugh so hard at each other as we tried to copy their voices just perfect.  

On "Common Bonds" (Aunt Connie)

My most special memory of Stacy is that she and my son Dennis seemed to have this common bond when she was little. Don was helping Mike finish off his basement and Den would work there in his spare time. I was told that when Den (he was about 13 years older than Stacy) would come over, she would keep him company while he worked. I guess the conversations they had were special. Wanda said he would get right down to Stacy's level. I told Wanda that he is at Stacy's level! They, at the time, could be spacey, could be serious, and could be right at the level that a 7-8 year old is.

On the Fine Art of Piano Repair (Megan and Melissa)

I will never forget at one of my party's you and Amber Morgan were playing the piano while I was downstairs. All of the sudden I hear this big thunk and I was wondering what was going on up there. So I went go see what had happened and here you and Amber were trying to fix the piano with tape! But that didn't work so you guys tried to hammer it with nails. 









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