Stacy's Garden

So Many Memories
By Merria Reitz

Smile so bright in the world of grace
Touched my heart with the world of embrace
Above that smile and that hair,
she laughed with a world of no cares.
Can't believe she's gone.
Yet to remain in our hearts but not the pain.

All endoured her smile and her laugh.
Nothing lost but gained.
Never forgotten but remained.

Vanished like a trace.
Above the world of grace.
Nothing to hide but discourage and hate.
Endless love for those who hate.
Reminders to love, not to hate.
Love for the one lost.
Interred by what you said.
Nothing to forget, but the pain.
Don't remember me as the one you lost,
but the one who lives on forever in your hearts.

Endless love forever.



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