Stacy's Garden

From Aunt Connie

The moment I got the call telling me Stacy was killed, my gut reaction was "Not Stacy!" My second gut reaction was "Not Mike and Wanda!" I knew Mike and Wanda and Michelle and Tim would realize just how many people care and think so highly of them. The people that came to the church Friday totaled approximately 1000, and the people that came to the gym on Saturday for Stacy's funeral was again about 1000! Some came for Stacy and some came for Mike and Wanda and Michelle and Tim. Mike's family is so highly regarded and people came to show them how much they care for all of them.

It made us (Mike's brothers and sisters) very proud to be a part of his family. I and my sons were very honored that Mike and Wanda wanted my sons to be three of the pallbearers for Stacy. It's something none of us will ever forget. We (my sisters and me) got to know Wanda's sisters a lot better over the five days that we converged on Mike's house. We found out that the Farniak girls are very ambitious and work even more under the circumstances we found ourselves.

We (my sisters and me) assumed our regular position at the dining room table watching them cook, clean, and doing whatever else needed to be done. Because of being together for five days, we did get to know them much better and became much better friends.

Stacy will never be forgotten! I just wish we had kept up more with her life these last few years but, like all high-school kids, she was on the go and so were we that we didn't see much of her lately.

She will be missed and loved forever!

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