Stacy Ann Vanderlinde
October 12, 1984 - February 8, 2000



  February 8, 2002

  How can we ever forget this day, two years ago, when you were so suddenly
   taken from our lives. We smile through our tears when we remember your smile,
  your laughter, your pretty face and we wonder what life might have been like if
  you were still here. You are enjoying that eternal life and love that Jesus promises
   to each of us and you wait for us to join you in your wonderful new home.

    We feel your presence in every moment of every day, in the sun that warms us,
   in the gentle breeze or blustering wind, in the barren branches and in the colorful
    flowers - everywhere we look, every sound we hear, every breathe we take - it
   is your love that we feel. Your embrace gives us the strength to face each day,
   not in sorrow but in joy!

    Be with us today Stacy. Accept our tears and our laughter as a prayer of
    thanksgiving for you. We love you and we miss you - always,
    God keep us close, Jeanne




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