Stacy's Garden


I remember the Christmas party your dad had when you were about 9, and how you sat up way past your bedtime downstairs at the bar with the rest of us. Just listening to our stories and by the end of the night singing songs with us. Your brother and sister already had gone to bed but you were bright eyed as ever. Your father kept looking at you like it was time for bed but you insisted you were not even tired yet. He soon gave up.

I can only imagine that your bubbly personality is still being experienced by others in heaven. You liked people and they sure liked you and I know you haven't wasted any time making more friends. You have made us all so proud of you.

You were taken from us too soon in life, something none of us thought would happened. We all held each other and comforted each other while dealing with the pain.

Your service was the most beautiful and touching experience I have been through. The outpour of love for you and Your family was overwhelming. You had to have been so proud. And to see all of the those people you have touched by your presence, what a memory. A memory that we all can share.

My wish and prayer for you Stacy, is to watch over your family, blow them angel kisses and sprinkle some angel dust on them, so to help take away the pain in their hearts. Help us to see that someday will we be able to see you without it first bringing the tears.

We will never forget you and we will now have our own personal angel to greet us when we get to heaven. (and that will not be a small job).


Your aunt, Joyce Bruner 
Mark and Alisha 
Brett Vegoe


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