Stacy's Garden

From Marcy

Hi Stacy.

I can't believe its been five months since you left, what a roller coaster ride this has been. I never knew i had these many emotions running through me. I drive by you how many times a day and look at all those flowers,stuffed animals, and windmills you hove, it is amazing. You have made such an impact on so many lives. I read the letters from your friends and its like I just met you. You were always a little shy around me until I gave you a little grief, then you gave me your smile. The smile i will never forget. I look in the mirror and try to smile like you but i'm not even close. and don't worry i'm not going to bleach my hair blonde like you either. I was looking at a box of pictures and found some of you, Tim and Michelle. It must of been when I was babysitting you. Each of you put on that football helmet with the clown wig and I took pictures of you guys. I will carry those pictures of you around with me where ever I go. I miss you Stacy but I know someday are family will be all together again. Just promise me youll be there to greet me with your million dollar smile.

 Love you



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