Stacy's Garden

From Aunt Marcy


Itís almost been a year now, so much has happened to honor you Stacy. The auction and pork chop dinner to help pay for your very own softball park. I hope youíve been playing catch and running around the bases with your friends in heaven. I know someday Iíll be playing catch with you too. Right now I have things to do. The one thing you have taught me is to live life to the fullest and I am. I donít take things for granted like I used to. A few more hugs and smiles I like to give out to my family and friends. It makes me feel better and them to. Life is too short to sit back and watch. I used to be like that but now Iím not. If I can make somebody feel good about themselves or make them smile, I know my day is complete.Thanks for showing me that, Stacy. A smile never hurts anybody. I miss you Stacy but I know youíre in good hands. Watch over your family and friends. Give them an extra push when they need it.

Love ya,




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