Stacy's Garden

From Aunt Peggy

Dear Stacy  

I walked up to the living room tonight and found Megan bringing Leah to me crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said she misses you. I hugged her by the shoulder and took her to a chair, sat down and had her sit on my lap. She and I had already talked about and realized that tomorrow is your seventeenth birthday, so I somewhat knew what was wrong. When she confirmed that she was crying over the loss of you, I couldn't help myself but to start in with her. We cried together, and then Dave entered the room. He asked "what are you crying for?". It took a minute for me to compose myself but I finally said "tomorrow is Stacy's birthday". Leah and I continued to cry, and about a minute later here's Dave logging onto your web site. We have visited and revisited a number of the subjects and we cried some more. Thank you for giving us a spot to visit and reflect the wonderful memories that you have given. We will never forget you!!

God Bless You and All who read this! (especially your mom, dad, and brothers and sisters)

Love and prayers always

Dave, Peggy, Megan and Leah Romer




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