Stacy's Garden

From Cousin Gen DeTrude

Stacy and Shelly came to babysit me and my twin brother (John) last year and the year before. When Stacy came, the first thing she would always want to do was play dolls. Since I hadn't really played dolls in a while, we had to go in my basement and dig them out. One day we went down stairs to get the doll stuff. The next thing we knew, there was a bird flying around our heads. We ran up stairs with the doll stuff. We thought that the bird was still down stairs. We went in my room (the old attic) and started sorting the stuff. Then we heard a weird noise. It was the bird!!! Stacy and I started screaming. My brother ran outside and got a baseball bat. He said he would hit it, but then I called my mom. The lady there asked if we really super needed to talk to her and I said it was an emergency. Then my mom came home and let the bird out. Stacy and I burst out laughing. That is something I will never forget.

I also remember the first time Stacy got her braces. She came inside and I asked her what color they were to get her to open her mouth. She put her hand over her mouth and said blue. Finally, I got her to laugh and she opened her mouth. They were blue. Then she started blushing. I said they looked good and asked her if they hurt. She burst out a loud "YEAH!!!" After that, as usual, she started giggling. I couldn't help but giggle too. She still was blushing and giggling when she left a half an hour later.

Stacy was soo cool and soooo nice. I will never forget her smile, her laugh, how she loved flares, and how she loved playing dolls and watching T.V. She will live on in our memories and our hearts forever. Stacy will not be forgotten, ever.

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