Stacy's Garden


My Darling Stacy,

It's hard to believe that a year has gone by since we lost you. All the books say it will get easier with the passing  of time , but none told me it will get a lot worse We miss you so much. I walk by your room every day and say good morning or good night. I can still see you sitting on your bed talking with friends or fixing your hair and then I ask God why this happened to you. We have done so many things this past year for you . So many people have helped us with your Ballpark and fundraisers. I know I should feel good about it, But it just breaks my Heart every time I read, The Stacy Ann Vanderlinde Memorial----. I want them to know that we are ever so thankful for all their help. As I read all the letters your friends and family have sent to us ,and
they tell of all things you have done and of your near Angelic personality.I can't help to think, this is my Stacy they are talking about?. I know their all true, but what I wouldn't give to here Danielle and Michael scream out ,Mom, Stacy's bugging us, or Tim and Michelle trying to find out what
happened to their CDs or clothes. And your two rules to live by for us was we can do it my way today, or we can do it my way after I wear you down in a couple of days. You were just like any other 15 year old , you wanted to rule
the world. You just needed a ride. I wrote something on the garage wall by your picture ,last spring before all the work started. It says-I will try to hold my grief until tomorrow, Because today I want Stacy to be proud of me. I hope you have been able to be proud of me a little bit, knowing the awful mistake I made. And for me Stacy, it is tomorrow.

I love you and Miss You so much,

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